We offer a devotional approach to pleasure, sensuality and sexuality.

A space where sacred and profane meet in acceptance, permission and self-love.


At our Retreats, Workshops, Temples and Private Sessions we support you to reclaim your power in love, relationships and intimacy. Taking you from mundane life and feelings of separation into togetherness and deep nourishment. Supporting you to heal and create an extraordinary reality for yourself.

Bring your soul more into this physical body to experience freedom, innocence, authenticity and integrity. Play and pray with us in an exploration of bliss embodied!

~ : : Ecstasy is Your Birthright : : ~

2020 Program

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Temple Keepers

Creators of Alchemy of Heart & Sex

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Who are we?


"I really felt the purity of the space that you created. You weren’t trying to create a show, you weren’t even trying to give people an experience on some level. You were offering the people the invitation to come into deeper states of authenticity within their own spirituality and sensuality and sexuality and this space was created with an invitation for everybody to raise up their frequency, raise up their energy and become more into connection to divinity. The purity of that intention was carried through immensely into my body, into my heart and into my life".


"The Temple opened my heart and my desires after a long time of not being in a relationship... 

In their temple nights I feel that I am alive. That I am also human being with desirers and love, fear, sadness. I can be what I am without masks and every emotion is welcome and created as a beautiful process even if it's pain or sadness. I never felt shame or insecure with Ananda and Aleksandra in the room. They allow me to feel free and open and to have the Power to listen to What my body and soul say Yes or No to.... It’s a place with high human respect

and true heart sharing. The world needs more spaces like this! ".


"The Temple Nights are an opportunity to meet likeminded people and to explore my desires with them. The space makes it very easy to engage and to disengage and I feel welcomed and safe to ask for touch or being touched. And even if my request is rejected, I don't feel rejected as a person nor do I feel like I crossed a border by verbalising the request. Through this talking and sharing I realise where my mind is playing tricks on me and is drawing assumptions and conclusions that do actually not reflect what the other person is feeling or wanting.

I feel free to be 100% me at those events and that's really the best about it!"