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vol. 3

4-Month Intimate Group Journey

taking you to becoming more free

and better expressed in your emotional,

embodied & erotic self.

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How BECOMING UNASHAMED group journey could work for you?


💫  Learn how to love fully  your own body and genitals piece by piece.

💫  Feel liberated & free in your erotic energy.

💫  Receive the gift of reflections from the community to support you on your journey.

💫  Ground a sense of belonging, connection and togetherness in your life. Imagine meeting weekly with trusted companions to dive into deep subjects and grow together.

💫  Experience deeper intimacy with yourself and others.

💫  Come back to your wild & sensual nature by expanding your self-expression possibilities.

💫  Let go of your control & connect to the power of surrender.

💫  Access your inspiration, passion & inner drive.

💫  Taste the peace and freedom in your life you didn't know was possible before.

💫 Envision and start enacting powerful archetypes and identities to come more aligned with your soul and its path.

💫 Go from freeze and contraction of shame to release, speciousness and new possibilities in your life.

Are you curious to become part of the next BECOMING UNASHAMED journey?


♔ 17 weeks of intimate online group container with weekly zoom calls & virtual community connection

Book a free 45min discovery call with Aleksandra to understand if this journey is for you


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“Re-source from the fountain of your juice in a transparent space of love. You are worth it!”
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What does it  mean in practice?

Here is the outline of our 4-month journey together week-by-week. (please note that it is still subject to changes, ebbs and flows and aliveness which will show up) Enjoy!

0. Opening Ceremony (bonus session)

A beautiful start from meeting the essence, our erotic essence. This way we promote our soul to be the baseline for this journey. The essence is unobstructed by shame. There is nothing to fix there. By radiating the essence into our life the shame (and other struggles) naturally dissolve with more ease - instead of working years layer by layer of the onion.

Happening tomorrow btw! You can still join us.


1. Setting a Powerful and Safe Group Container with Permission for truth, emotions, body and sensuality.

+our main tool of emotional processing

This container called "the 5 pillars to cocreate a communal Temple space" has been developed over the last 8 years of running group Temple spaces.


2. Anatomy of Shame.

Trauma-informed Perspective on shame based on the Nervous system response from the Polyvagal Theory. Shame as a natural response of the body to stressors. And how to deal with it from the somatic and mindfulness perspectives.


3. Meeting in the Mystery.

Learning the surrender and moving the body in a let go state. This is another portal into the more esoteric stuff I love so much. This session is simply about let go and meeting tangibly what is often so hard to feel.


4. Body Love

People absolutely love this session! It get much lighter after we let the body have it's space to express the shame stored in different parts of our physical body. This session alone creates amazing speciousness for the shame to dissolve.


5. Tending to Your Temple

Here we enter the erotic realms of our experience. Treating the body as a Temple and as a gateway towards bliss states. This is a self-pleasure journey to claim more possibility for sensations in the body.


6. Stepping out of the Victimhood of shame

Very powerful & embodied session to release the role of being a victim of shame.


7. Deeper into Intimacy | Eros Temple

Here we dive to become more transparent and intimate as a group, to share some eros (yes on screen!) and feel the magic and sacredness of Eros.


8.Part's Work | Tending to the Inner Child experiences of shame and Meeting Your Needs in the Group Context


9. Identity work - who would I be without shame?


10. Unashaming Erotic Fantasies


11.Body Temple part 2.


12. Embodying Polarities

Using the teaching of polarities to find ourselves capable of a larger spectrum of expression than we thought we are.


13. Anus as a gateway to unashaming.


14.THE CROSS WORK: Archetypes work with the dark and light aspects of our feminine and our masculine.


15.Manifesting our Dreams and Visions


16.Closing Ceremony


17. Bonus check-in sessions 1-2 months after we close our container.

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Next BECOMING UNASHAMED closed group container



Starts with Opening Ceremony on Wednesday the 17.01.2024 @ 7pm CET


✓  Who is this FOR?

✓ You are ready to embrace change even when it feels uncomfortable at times.

✓ You are ready to commit for a 4 month journey; to show up regularly in the group and give your heart to the process. (you don't need to be there for all sessions - recordings are available).

✓ You are ready to show yourself and be seen.

✓ You are ready to invest time & money in yourself & your transformation.


✓ You are ready to stand your word and stand in your integrity.

If this is YOU, don't take a second thought! Join us, we are waiting for folks like you.

 Who is this NOT for?

If you don't believe you can change and ultimately live a more fulfilling life.

✗  If you are too stuck on your gender and sexual identity and not willing to deconstruct them.

✗  If you are not ready to embrace the commitment which enables transformation to happen.

✗  If you are not ready to invest money in your transformation.

✗  If your are not willing to receive feedback from others.


Come back when you are ready.

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Become Free in Your Erotic, Emotional
& Bodily Expression


Take down the masks & release identifications which hold you back; drop self-conscience which limits you in your authentic expression. Stand shameless, free & confident in your flame. Revoke your innocence.

"Allow the burning of your shame to purify you, so that the diamond of your essence is revealed."

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Experience the Power of Connection, Community & Belonging


Feel at ease with others, include yourself in the circle of love, step into connection, intimacy with yourself & others on a deeper level. Finish the stories of abandonment, isolation and loneliness. Drink from others & let yourself be drunken from. Know belonging to the core without the co-dependent attachment to a specific person or group.

"You are naturally connected in network

of love. Plug in!"

Erotic Mystic sensual confident wild.png
Experience the Bliss
of Pleasure States


Pray in bliss, taste what ecstasy is like in your body. Go into your extraordinary reality states of devotion in presence of others, where at the center there is an altar of the one life pulsating.

"Ecstasy is your birth right".

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Anna, Event Producer, Berlin

The session I received from Aleksandra was deeply touching me. Her calm and loving presence made me feel safe and I could surrender into my being while she was holding me. The session brought up a lot of stored and stuck emotions, and I'm grateful for all the healing that's happening.


Georg, Temple Participant, Portugal

A big word of thank you for doing your work, hosting and holding the space, allowing us participants to simply be, in our flesh and soul, with our faults and all our beauty, inner and outer, to bring our fears and desires, to live out our dreams, to find ourselves challenged over and over, triggered and struggle, heal and grow. I value your work as being of big importance for our society, as I believe that love temples can fundamentally change the way how we as humans can relate to each other, structure, live and feel both our relationships with others as well as with ourselves.


Rose, Owner at Synthesis Retreats Amsterdam

The Temple was setup slowly and skilfully, every component has a purpose in building the Temple together. Aleksandra embodies vulnerability, authenticity and being comfortable in her body that allows you to do the same. I can definitely recommend attending. 


What Temples are all about: embodying love including the sexual energy!

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Marianne, Female Empowerment Coach, Berlin

You are such a present for the healing of this world.

I loved how you hold the space. I love your energy.


You must be an ancient priestess or something!


Your presence in the room is very healing.


What do Participants of in-person spaces say about Aleksandra's work?

"I envision a world filled with juicy vibrant sensuous togetherness"


You are so Invited into this world!

My name is Aleksandra Maria Love

and I am a vision-keeper & createrix of spaces

of unashamed connection, intimacy & sacred sex-positivity. I proudly stand in the purpose

of bringing sacredness to matter & Eros.

With me you can receive transmissions

of permission, wilderness, sensuality, confidence

in embodied presence, vibrancy of eros, big heart of Cosmic Mother compassion & soulful living.

Honoured to have you on this page & looking forward to welcome you in Becoming Unashamed group container.

You can read More About Me Here.



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What do Participants of the 1st & 2nd edition of Becoming Unashamed group say?


"I really appreciated those guided body temples. Celebrating my body, disclosing my intimate parts to the camera, it was challenging and great to overcome these feelings inhibitions and really get over my shame -- I'm SO much less ashamed now, so much more free in my sexuality and I also feel more awe and gratitude for my body".


"I am extremely grateful I did this course. Your personal reflections were always very valuable. I am also really happy you always answered my questions in the Telegram chat. Most of all, I feel so empowered to take my healing into my own hands, now that I feel you have provided so many valuable practical tools for it that I can use. I learned so many tools for emotional release and personal transformation that I will be using my whole life. I am extremely grateful especially for the access to all the recordings which I will rewatch at some point to repeat important processes. I loved finding the Madonna diva in me and have been wearing red lipstick ever since to remind me of this part of myself that wants to receive instead of eternal giving/caring."


I loved working  with these beings and I'm excited what the new group unfolds!

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Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 13.04.23.png

Bonus 1: Opening Ceremony to tap into your ecstatic potential (value 199€)

90min space to initiate our journey with a potent dive into your erotic & ecstatic fulfilled life. This call will set a tone for you of what is possible & reconnect you to your innocent erotic nature.

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workshop 1_edited_edited.jpg

Bonus 2: Private 1:1 session based on Astrology for your Soul (value 222€)

60min space to support your journey with 1:1 attention to your needs, patterns and direct feedback I could offer to you. You will receive it in the first part of the journey (1st or 2nd month). This also includes Astrology for Your Soul.

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Copy of 464A9384.jpg

Bonus 3: Post TribeSpace call to reconnect & harvest after integration (value 199€)

90min call. About 3-4 months after we finish our journey, we will meet one final time to digest everything that has landed and let the embodied learnings vibrate further into our life. This is a way to stay connected and to absorb unshamed, togetherness & ecstatic frequencies deeper.

Energy Exchange

1333€ - first 3 spots
and then:


or use the option of a payment plan:
4x 399€

spaces are limited to 8 participants
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