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Expansion, Contraction, and the Tribe!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Sometimes I am asked: “But if its all about pleasure, it’s like escaping pain!?… Then it’s not so sacred!?…right?”


Pain and Pleasure are both great teachers.

Expansion and Contraction are universal laws of movement.

Movement happens on a time line.

So can there be a STOP? (i.e.Something that is not Expansion or Contraction?)

Life is! - all the time. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to stop LIFE!

Yet, STOP is what we are trying to unconsciously do when it is to much to meet Life, in the present moment.

But, It’s IMPOSSIBLE to stop LIFE… For that we unconsciously use replacements. Replacing intense pain (“too bad to be true”) with different kinds of pleasures. Replacing intense pleasure & success (“too good to be true”) with self-sabotage towards pain.

This is the mechanism of suffering - in a nutshell while trying to STOP, actually achieving the opposite- a perpetual cycle of counter energies -running-away like a lab-rat on a spinning wheel.


First, you are always at freedom of choice to keep the running, I find my self “doing it” at times, it’s all good, we are here to grow and learn from experiences.

And, with consciousness,

We can UN-DO, We can SURRENDER, And we can ACCEPT.

It is a step in-to EXTRAORDINARY TIME. and it is always IN. Deepening the inner experience of the moment.

Whether done, with the support of shamanic medicine, ecstatic breath, ecstatic dance ritual, or with the powerful portal of EROS, we are actually facing towards the sensation of the experience, moving through it, and receiving the information intended for us to receive.

In the extraordinary-time, what we call “sensation of time” is lost, while sensation itself is enhanced to the maximum of our capacities.


In ancient times, (and still part of today’s culture in some remote places) The Tribe would meet for rituals of ecstatic extraordinary-time, with different rituals, using various portals or medicines, running pain- pleasure, to ecstasy of being Life, and feeling ALIVE.

Holding the ritual in a communal field is a massive amplifier.

Although it is a journey inwards, it is an inward journey towards Love, Freedom and Power - what we think we hold personally is actually our soul’s expression of unity and oneness.

When all the hearts, bodies and souls are setting an intention to open the field of extraordinary reality, we are stepping together into the collective bank of information, opening that door to oneness, and personally receiving that piece that is uniquely needed for our personal growth and healing.

In plain words:

“We gather here to taste our yummy curiosity, as we experience meeting in ecstasy, while making love to life itself.”


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