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My target is supporting you to reclaim

the innocent wisdom of your body.

Own your needs and communicate

your desires clearly.

1:1 Clarity & Breakthrough Embodied Mentorship

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Every moment in Life has alter layers of reality. How deep would you like yours to be?
Riding the dragon instead of running away from it!
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Learning to Accept
All Parts of You


Making inner space for all parts of you, welcoming anger, rage, pain and frustration - learning to cultivate these forces to personal power, instead of leaking out these energies to expressed or unexpressed drama.

Our emotional body is the deep voice of our truth, at times, suppressed, being “pushed down”, at times to the point we think we “should” be, and behave differently then who we truly are.

In this Module you will learn to meet shadow, and challenging aspects, and practice how to channel them powerfully into your life.

Pleasure & Ecstasy are your birthright!
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Expanding Your Life
in All Directions


The essence of creation is desire, (in Hebrew Yetser- desire, is the rout of Yetsira- creation). It is our desire that brings new-borns to the world, in fact verery first step in any direction starts with a desire to move!

In this module you will be learning how to allow more sensation, more pleasure, more Life! into your body.

Expansion into Creation!


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Wherever you don’t use your Power, someone else does!
From Projection to Communication!


Learn to talk about yourself, to be transparent, to make reality checks and keep your communications real!!

Learn how to create true connections, clearly delivering your needs and your direction to the people around you.

Grow to be accountable for your connections, kind, generous and with an out standing centred Spine.

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“ Ananda creates a huge field of permission ”
~ Laurie Handlers, Sex & Happiness author & founder, ISTA Lead Facilitator, USA

Anna, Berlin

“I bow for his power of love and presence. I can truly say he is honouring the speed and nature of the sacred feminine. I come out glowing every time I meet Ananda in those realms, I feel loved, accepted and seen. It's actually life changing.”

Maayan, Israel

“With Ananda’s support I’ve learned to ask for what I want and to know that I deserve it! Thank you for dedicating the time to help me find the candle to light a big fire.”

Ariel, Israel

“Your energy saw through my pain. You new what I needed to do to heal. Your presence was a blessing for me”

Chem, Germany

“Ananda is one of the key persons in my life for resolving relationship blockages. In his men circles, workshops and temple nights I learned to be content with relationships like never before. I came from an macho alpha male attitude and learned to be open, vulnerable and free. Experienced real power as I learned to communicate my desires, fears and boundaries. Learned to show the true me.
 What a liberation to be with someone without any need to hide something."

What Men say about working with Ananda:

What Women say about working with Ananda:

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“ Ananda has a super power to turn pain to pleasure ”
~ Ruth Biddlecombe, Advanced Spiral Practitioner, UK

About Me


Is a sex shaman, leader, coach and a father of three. In his work he supports people’s empowerment, pleasure and ecstatic current by letting go of guilt and shame around sexuality. With 20 years of professional dance, leadership and community building, and 7 years of Tantra experience, leading retreats, sacred temples and one on one sessions.


“I have devoted myself to unshame pleasure and sexuality, connect them to the heart, and serve humanity to a paradigm shift of love. I am inviting my brothers and sisters to play freely and walk this earth shining their pleasure and light. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED IN LOVE TO EACH OTHER”.


Ananda is a certified Sex & Happiness coach and a Facilitator apprentice at

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