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The Missing Tribe Experience

I’m coming to believe that “tribe” is a noun. A need that we all carry. Like a need for connection or touch or intimacy.

There are traumas that get imprinted when violence happens towards us or we cannot integrate the intensity of an experience and there are those traumas of a missing experience. It is missing an experience in early upbringing, which our animal-soulful being needs in order to thrive in the world.

Tribe is one of those experiences most of us (definitely those this post will reach) have not had. We have missed out on this imprint, which evolutionarily, we hold an innate expectation to get met.

I have spent large periods of my life in grief for those missing experiences and in the search to fill in this gap.

Events with sharing circles was where I first started to get that need met. Especially, when truth is invited to be spoken uncensored - this is my wound and my medicine.

The tribe where one can stand in the middle and from 360 degrees receive love and being seen by many pairs of eyes, which hold different archetypes & perspectives.

The picture of who I am gets complete when I am being received and reflected by an entire tribe. The old and the young, the fem and the masculine, the wise and the crazy, the artists, the leaders, the healers and so on.

The endless archetypes which my soul craves to meet in an embodied form. And then to internalise those parts.

For I am a tribe within one person.

......... I’m continuously inspired and learning to bring more of the tribal intimacy into events which I create.

This summer we will go a step further, inviting even more of that tribal wisdom to come forth and offer medicine to the individuals and the collective.

We will be filling in the personal and collective gaps of the missing tribal experience and having tones of fun, pleasure, depth and meaning in the process.

Would love to have you joining us end of August, by Berlin.

With embodied love, Aleksandra Maria Love

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