Vision & Values

We come together as lovers, friends, partners and most of all

holders of the same vision for love, freedom and personal power:

“Ecstasy is our birthright”
“Pleasure is empowering”
“Embodied togetherness heals body and soul”
“Ask and you shall receive”

Our vision is to create spaces for people to connect authentically with their whole selves (on emotional, spiritual, sexual, touch-base, creative, soul and playful levels). To create social realities where humans reconnect to their heart, devotion and the Earth and where people become medicine to each other. We are here to revive the feeling of community and Tribal heart beat in our systems. We create a field for unshamed sexuality where humans are empowered and free in their Eros and physical ways of nurturing each other.


Core Values

In Touch
with Oneself
in Community

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