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Work with Ananda





                                                                                  ~ Ananda

I am here to support you as much as I can to reclaim it, 

While having more pleasure, ease, satisfaction, and intimacy,

in your love, sex, and work life.

Shifting limiting believes, shame, and guilt, and live a LIFE of EXTRAORDINARY REALITY.


Book a first 55 minutes discovery session for 120€ to get an immediate breakthrough.  

If your life has taken you to the point where deep transformation has been called, you may consider joining 


my 4 months LIFE CHANGING mentorship program.

**Go ahead and book a  55 min session in the above link, if you will decide to follow the mentorship program, your first discovery call will be a bonus and your payment will be credited towards the program. 




Yoni massage

Bodywork session for women with Ananda

Yoni massage is deep work from Tantra and sexual shamanism. It's a full massage journey specifically designed to move stuck energies. This is a profound healing and empowering session, which can awaken and release old pains, sadness, anger; and move into pleasure and relaxation.

The Yoni in Tantra is the “source” or the origin of life.

She holds a strong feminine polarity, and has a unique power to attract wanted, as well as unwanted energies towards her.

Her power is within her vulnerability.

The session is designed to transform numbness and bring aliveness and vitality to the Yoni, the whole body and the soul.

length 2-2.5h
Price € 280 / session

Please fill in this form to book your session

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