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Sessions with Ananda



A tailor-made 1-1 life-upgrade package with Ananda


in their relationships by supporting them to release

guilt and shame from their sexuality.


I can support and show you:

  • how to shift old patterns which stop you form being the best version of yourself.

  • how to change your reality to live in fulfilment and passion.

  • how to reclaim your power in love, relationships and intimacy.

  • how to embody freedom and innocence to let you experience deep and real connection to yourself and other.

I combine various techniques, from meditation, somatic work, breath work, pressure points, shamanic work and Tantra.

I am here to support people who:

  • feel it is too painful to go on as it is.

  • have the courage to face their shadow.

  • are ready to go on a vulnerable journey.

  • want and are committed to change.

  • are willing to invest in themselves.


If you are matching these qualities, and feel the call, please contact me, and we can schedule a meeting to check the possibility of working together.


To arrange your session REGISTER HERE giving your preferred date and time for the session.


Yoni massage

Bodywork session for women with Ananda

Yoni massage is deep work from Tantra and sexual shamanism. It's a full massage journey specifically designed to move stuck energies. This is a profound healing and empowering session, which can awaken and release old pains, sadness, anger; and move into pleasure and relaxation.

The Yoni in Tantra is the “source” or the origin of life. As the Yoni holds the minus (feminine) polarity - she has a strong power to attract and pull things towards her, and as the same time, she is vulnerable and exposed to unwanted energies. The session is designed to transform numbness and bring aliveness and vitality to the Yoni, the whole body and the soul.

length 2-2.5h
Price €180 / session

Package of 4 sessions €440

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