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How can you empower and significantly CHANG YOUR LIFE?!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The practice of sacred s-xuality and the culture of the Temple arts is an ancient one. It was sacred knowledge known to the high priest and priestess: with focused and conscious activation of the life force that is given to each and every one of us, multiple layers of creation and manifestation can come to life in the physical form.

The same power that can bring new babies, the deepest form of creation that comes from desire (for life)- in Hebrew יצר YETZER (passion/desire) and יצירה YETZIRA (creation), that are coming form the same root are showing the connection that is desire is life force tuned to creation.

The power of creating life (life force/ ecstatic current) was directed in the sacred temple towards healing where it was needed, and great manifestations on the path of life.

The ancient ways of the temples are coming back to more and more places on our planet. It has been my privilege and honour to be initiated on this path and to create and hold temple spaces.

The most evident fact I witnessed is the abundance that almost all the temple goers are experiencing.

As our society has been held hostage by fake moralities, meant to create guilt and shame in order to limit and control the masses, people first arrive to the temple either carrying that vibration or resonating it from the field of scarcity - touch, intimacy and s-xual deprivation.

As the temple holds an alternate reality, vibration of abundance, love, permission, self love and expansion. The temple goers experience a shift in their reality, a shift that comes from acceptance, (no need to fight with myself..) simplicity, and authenticity (almost all temple goers report how easy, natural and authentic the experience was for them).

When a lot of hidden, suppressed and subconscious energy is realised, the immediate outcome is a life-changing shift towards empowerment. Mostly, because of all the new suddenly available energy.

I still see around me how people are restricted, It is scary for many to show their desires without having a beer or two. It is vulnerable and scary to be intimate, real and authentic. When desires are suppress, it’s often seems that life is not fully felt and lived, and there is a sour underline taste of frustration and missing out. Missing out on being innocent…

The next level is embodiment of ecstatic current in your daily life. That is A GAME CHANGER!!!! I can testify myself, since I have started running ecstatic current on a regular everyday base, my life has changed!! I live an extraordinary reality. Gratefulness to life and love have turned from “words” in a vocabulary to my every moment life experience and reality!

If you are into empower your self and significantly CHANG YOUR LIFE, Join one of our coming events, and rock yourself into bliss embodiment <3

Looking forward to meet you in Love, Devotion, and Gratitude ~


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