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 A wild creative exploreress who prays in dance and love-making, visionary, polyamory activist, event-producer, MSc in Social & Cultural Psychology, ISTA graduate and organiser, space-holder at Valle de Sensaciones Eros Lab and Summer of Eros, and founder of Sacred Bliss Temple. After 11 years of self-discovery and many adventures re-imagining herself and finding community, freedom, love and empowerment she now crafts herself as an ecstatic facilitator. Dedicating her life to healing and transitioning towards the Next Culture and heavenly existence on Earth.

Aleksandra Grzebalska at EROS Medicine / Sacred Sexuality / Workshops / Temple Nights / Retreats / Sessions / devotional & sex-positive

"You are such a present for the healing of this world. I loved how you hold the space. I love your energy. You must be an ancient priestess or something! Your presence in the room is very healing. Merci!!! The temple night moved me a lot... many topics came up..."


~ Marianne, female empowerment coach




Ananda Amit Angelo (Israel) - Is a spiritual teacher, sex shaman, leader, coach and a father of three.

In his work he supports people to empowerment, pleasure and ecstatic current by letting go of guilt and shame around sexuality.

His journey began as a dancer at the “Bat-Sheva” dance company exploring the GAGA movement, parallel to working as a professional guitarist. Later, leading his own dance company and choreographing with his partner for 12 years.

He was the founder and leader for 7 years of the Israeli dancer’s union, and took part in founding the Israeli choreographer’s association and the first Tel-Aviv Waldorf school “Bait Chinuch Aviv”.

He is currently holding Temples, retreats and workshops of sacred sexuality in Europe. Coaching, giving body sessions, and an apprentice Facilitator at ISTA (The International School of Temple Arts).


“My research in dance was mostly focused on body awareness, somatic and the present moment. The journey led me into deep practices of spirituality and consciousness.

Realising that any moment in the dance of life is a sacred expression, the unique gift of our life force, led me to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

I am inviting my brothers and sisters to play freely and walk this earth shining their pleasure and light.

I am here to support let go of guilt and shame, and to create with you a new culture of relating in the religion of love ♥”

Our story - as written in the stars

They met on the night of the full moon on the 11:11. It was year 2016 in Berlin on an ecstatic dance floor preluding a conscious sensuality temple. Amit (Ananda) Goldenberg born in Israel on the 1st of December 1973, moved to Berlin in 2011, got himself a Polish passport (speaks no words in Polish), a dancer and guitarist most of his life. Aleksandra Maria Grzebalska, born in Poland on the 19th April 1988, 350km from Berlin, met god in dance when she was 20. Fall madly in love in Israel ever since visiting it first time in 2013, fancy musicians.

He approached her on that dance floor after everybody dispersed (she already checked him out during the dance!). First question she asked him : "where are you from?", it took another 5 seconds for them to kiss after he responded... They started straight ahead with gazing into each others' eyes for hours,  sexual healing and dissolving into the unknown of a magical encounter. They went "all the way" that night and slept on a single mattress for a straight week inseparable.


~ : : Where there is love there is space : : ~

Enjoy our co-creation from the soul!