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Sacred Sexual Healing

This private 1-1 session is an incredibly powerful and safe space for transformation and healing to happen. After the session a sensation might be as if going out of a whole day spa experience, the cleansing is profound and feels like the inner system has been detoxed and is more flowing.


Why to go to a Sacred Sexual Healing practitioner?

  • It supports you to clear emotional and energetic blockages in the body.

  • It supports you to relax, release and let go.

  • It supports you to work on your issues and challenges around love, sexuality and relationships as well as general wellness and life-fulfilment in general.

  • It supports you to create a more satisfying relation to your own body and sexuality.

  • It supports you to own and learn to circulate your sexuality and pleasure.

  • It supports better flow of life-force energy and claiming back personal power into your life.


The sessions may typically contain: addressing your issues, creating a sacred container for the session, intentions, active moving of emotions, sound, breath, bodywork, pressure points, energetic heart massage, sacred spot work, integration. The sessions are always within a container of one-way touch.


It is suitable both for men and women of any orientation, predisposition and preferences.

Are we a match to work together for your empowerment and healing?

If you think it’s a YES get in touch for some FREE consultation.

All sign-ups in until the end of Oct 2018 by DONATION!

Regular price €140 / session

Package of 4 sessions €480

Length of the session 2h

(in some cases we might first meet for a shorter session of coaching and light cloths-on bodywork before going into sacred spot work)

To arrange your session fill up the intake form HERE giving preferred date & time for your session.

Or contact Aleksandra via email

Or phone/whatsapp at: 0048508106834

What is Sacred Spot session?

By Sacred Spot we often refer to specific places in the body - the G-spot in women and prostrate in men. However, the true meaning of Sacred Spot is meeting a person at where they are at. Sacred Spot might be different from person to person and from day to day in one person or even moment to moment. We are working exactly at the place which is bringing expansion, opening and release. All is done with verbal consent and with your conscious presence being fully involved throughout. Sacred Spot sessions might be incredibly pleasurable or they might be charged with emotions and painful memories or any combination of both. The loving-presence of the practitioner creates an incredibly powerful container for you to be met, seen and connected with all that shows up.

Please not that this sessions are not therapy.

"This session was very powerful for me, lots shifted and Aleksandra really held a space for transformation, I am deeply grateful and would totally recommend her to friends, and I have super high standards of who I recommend!"

~ Sonja, fellow practitioner


"The session I received from Aleksandra was deeply touching me. Her calm and loving presence made me feel safe and I could surrender into my being while she was holding me. The session brought up a lot of stored and stuck emotions, and I'm grateful for all the healing that's happening".

~ Anna, student & producer


"You are such a present for the healing of this world. I loved how you hold the space. I love your energy. You must be an ancient priestess or something! Your presence in the room is very healing. Merci!!!"

~ Marianne, female empowerment coach

Aleksandra’s experience & background

She has been facilitating groups and working with individuals for 10 years now through yoga, meditation, Reiki, movement, cacao medicine, empathic listening, conflict mediation, coaching and recently sacred sexuality and empowerment of life-force energy. She is being called by her inner wild Priestess and energy of her hands to start offering these Sacred Sexual Healing sessions at this point in time after being reconnected to the mysteries and shamanic aspect of transformation during the ISTA Practitioner Training in Sep 2018. She is also currently a mother-to-be. Read more about Aleksandra here



Professional training and qualifications:

  • Reiki Level 1 (2012)

  • Life Coaching Diploma with The Coaching Academy (2012)

  • PELOHA (Peace Love & Harmony) Massage Certificate (2013)

  • MSc Social & Cultural Psychology (2014)

  • Diploma in Group Facilitation, Conflict Resolution & Counselling (2014)

  • Dialogue Road Map training in Conflict Mediation acc. to NVC principles (2015)

  • Attending, assisting & organising multiple ISTA Level 1 (2015-now)

  • 10-day Sexological Bodywork Introduction Training (2016)

  • Conscious Sensuality Level 1 (Nov 2016 & May 2018)

  • Level 2 trainings (March 2018)

  • Yoga Teacher Training 200h (April 2018)

  • ISTA Practitioner Training Module 1 (Sep 2018)

  • ISTA Practitioner Training Module 2 in progress

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