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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

by Ananda

we play our selves in different ways we bypass the VULNERABLE and SCARY points we avoid taking  RESPONSIBILITY AND therefore we are not in POWER

RESPONSIBILITY  is the ability to respond.  When we are not in responsibility we are in react-ability which is everything but an ability…

The ability to RESPOND comes from POWER, the word ability indicates choice: I am able to respond if I choose to, as well as how and when I would like to respond, whether it needs a quick action or some waiting time, whether it needs a lethal blow or a gentle stroke, or whether NON ACTION  is the best response I choose in this case...

REACTION on the other hand is when I loose my choice, my freedom of choice. Something happens in my surrounding, it activates me and there is a reaction. I was not free to choose what, where, when and how powerful my action will be.