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by Ruth Biddlecombe of Divinity Relating

Base chakra stuff.

Many of us long for community. A piece of land, river running by, days spent tending to our vege plot. Living together in harmony with those we love, co-creating a new culture based on shared values.

* Authenticity. * Deep emotional connection. * Freedom of expression. * Celebration of life and each other’s gifts. * Endless delicious days and naughty nights of sharing the pleasures of being alive.

Yet most, if not all of us struggle emotionally when living and co-creating with others. How do we get all of our needs met on all levels in a practical, spiritual and enjoyable way? How do we resolve difficulties whilst respecting differences?

Cohabiting and co-constructing new paradigms come with the complexities of being identified with our own perspective, locked in duality, and unable to escape the very real implications of how our race, age, gender, sexuality etc. position us in the social hierarchies of power.

More than / less than breeds competition, scarcity, judgements, jealousy. People feel attacked, abandoned, abused, alone, wholly responsible and unable to manage. Dreams quickly become nightmares.

And yet we keep dreaming and we keep longing. Because we know there’s something better out there. Some way of living in the bliss of unified oneness a significant part of us knows exists on some deep level.

So we think about it some more and do our best to solve the problems.

Problem is, thinking isn’t going to get us there.

A wise person once told me, “you can never solve the problem on the same level the problem was created. You have to chunk up or chunk down.”

Duality, identity, hierarchy. They’re all problems of the mind. Our minds love to label, categorise and order. They protect us by remembering what caused us pain by avoiding it in the future. & what do you know! Most if not all of us have experienced pain as a consequence of being positioned into having more or less power because of our identity. Maybe you were bullied at school for “being too fat” or “being ginger”. Maybe you’ve been denied positions of authority because of your skin colour, gender or disability. Maybe your life experience has been ignored because you live outside the dominant narrative and the majority can’t see or imagine your unique perspective. Maybe all of these are happening to you all the time.

Eloquent authors on identity politics have done an incredible job at “chunking up.” Bringing conscious awareness to the stories at play and the consequences they have on people’s lives. This level of work was and continues to be much needed. I am very grateful for such articulate, ethical meta-thinkers.

But we need more help. Deconstructing our ideas isn’t enough.

We need to “chunk down”.
Right down.
Down into our base chakras, our genitals, our access to kundalini energy.

And then down again, deeper still, into the core of the Earth. Down where the dark light of compassion vibrates unconditional love for all of humanity. Down where the ecstatic vibration of life lies waiting for us to reconnect us with our true essence.

Our human nature. Our sexuality. Our animal instincts.

Our body’s capacity to vibrate sensations of ecstasy in Divine union with Nature. Experienced through our senses, our hearts, our breath, sounds and movements.

Deeply nourishing experiences of belonging to our planet, ourselves and each other are possible.

Reconnection with the land, re-establishment of our intimate connection with our Earth as Divine Lover will lead us there.

EARTH. BODY. TRIBE. FAMILY. HOME. This things are one vibration.

Let Nature and our human nature nurture us back home where we all belong.

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