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Retrieve your Soul with Eros Energy

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

by Aleksandra

~ Have you ever been longing to walk your life purpose on daily bases?

~ Would you like to know how it feels like to let your soul root in the body and act from that wholesome place in the world?

~ Have you ever had a powerful spiritual, intuitive or visioning experience while making love or running erotic energy with a lover or with yourself?

~ Are you curious how could eros energy connect you back to your soul, to more of your soulful self?

If these questions touch on something, here are a few insights which you might enjoy to read about.

Many of us experience fragmentation of our souls and spend much of our lifetime consciously or unconsciously longing to be aligned with our soul and its purpose. In shamanic terms, pieces of the soul might get dispersed and lost throughout lifetime. This happens in traumatic or shocking situations from early on - but not only - it might also happen when we give ourselves ‘away’ to something or somebody or we attach so much energy to one event without being centered that we leave part of our soul there.

Because of this fragmentation, many of us do not experience a full embodiment of the soul in the material realm. So to say, bodies are not fully soulful. The cells in the body not all awakened and alive, not necessarily vibrating the frequency of our innermost truth.

Much of the Sexual Healing to be done is actually about bringing those pieces back to the body. It's about reclaiming the numb and stagnated places in the body and bringing life, bringing soul back to them. It's about vibrating cells with that potent alive frequency from our core. In fact, this is deeply shamanic work and we recognise that the work is to be done by the person themselves. Doing this personal healing work each one of us taps to their own inner shaman and goes on a journey to reclaim back the full aspect of their soul.

Our mission at EROS ∞ Medicine is to create containers where healing of sexuality and embodiment of soul can happen. The person doing the healing itself is YOU.

You are being taken on a journey to reclaim your soulful body cell by cell; to call back the pieces of the soul by embracing the unexpressed emotional content and rehabilitating the flow of desire, love and Eros in your system.

How can Eros energy support soul retrieval?

Activating that powerful resource within your own being while being fully aware and conscious is like plugging in to a massive energy source and using that energy to channel wisdom from a far place within. The amounts of energy running through the body allow us to access parts of our being, parts of the consciousness which are not otherwise available on the daily modus.

Running sexual energy on daily or regular bases is actually fundamental for our nourishment, health and soulful existence on this planet. Some say eros energy is the life force itself. Therefore, letting this energy run in our system is letting fresh life itself run through us, heal us and bring us to wholeness.

The prescription is “run sexual energy at least once a day”.

Creative expression and creative passion is another place where we can easily tap into our soul’s essence and it’s purpose. Second chakra in many traditions is referred to as a place where both sexual expression and creative expression are rooted. Both of these expressions can set us on fire and reconnect to our passion and heartfelt experience of life. Both of these can take us to deepest transcendental states and give us power and purpose to continue meaningful embodied existence.

Reclaiming both sexual and creative expression has a potential to guide us back into the forgotten pieces of our soul which are longing to come back home as much as we long for them. Running eros energy, similarly like letting our creativity express in the material world, is a pathway to bring back those longings into the body. By bringing them back and letting them freely spread in the body these pieces find a landing back and rooting in the body. That is when the soul embodies, piece by piece.

Enlivening of body cells and places while holding conscious presence is an equivalent of bringing more of our soul back to the body.

What does it mean to run Eros in the body?

Running Eros in the body on daily bases doesn’t mean to have sex everyday or to orgasm everyday. To run erotic energy is to allow the feelings of excitement, horniness and love to flow through the body freely. Movement, sound and breath are the greatest supporters in running eros in the body.

Eros can be run with another person (or more than one person at a time) or with oneself! Or with nature! Being tapped into our erotic selves doesn’t require anybody else. Since, however, we do live around other people and there are naturally happening many smaller or greater attractions each day, giving ourselves permission for (consensual) engagement and exchanging of eros energy is a healthy and honest expression. Saying that, eros energy can be run even by looking into somebody’s eyes. It’s about integrity with which we come to meet the other and ability to be honest with ourselves and the other.

Running eros energy in the body on daily bases is probably the greatest gift we can give ourselves to enliven and call back more soulful experience to our life. Forget the routine of having sex and start exploring where the life force energy wants to take you, letting it run in the whole body and always connecting back to the heart, to the emotional body and to the mind. Let it be a wholesome experience with total integrity. At that point, eros energy can move freely, guiltlessly and truly open the gates to an alternate reality where we are all fully embodied soulful beings walking this Earth.

Wishing you to join us for some of the upcoming events to support your eros energy to flow and for the soul to be invited deeper and deeper into your embodied experience.

See you in bliss embodied ~

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