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Moon Blood in Temples

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

by Aleksandra

Every now and then, I get a message from a woman saying that they can’t come to a Temple as they are bleeding. This happens regularly, so I see there is something to address here.

My own perception of moon blood has gone through a massive healing in my mid-twenties when I discovered sisterhood support of women circles and feminine mysteries. Last few years, I've regarded moon blood as source of my power and medicine granting me access to my deep feminine wisdom, the wisdom of Grandmother Archetype. I’ve drunk my blood, prayed with it, buried it in the ground, made love with it, put it on altars.

Now as a non-bleeding woman and having a break from the cyclic nature, I’m immersed in the Mother Archetype of my pregnancy. It feels powerfully stable at this stage and reassuring. The cyclic nature, which always took me turbulently from incredible depths of solitude to widely open extrovert attitude, is certainly one of my greatest life’s teachers.

Therefore, one the one hand, I wish to honour women’s wish to withdraw those precious bleeding days and take her soul desired retreat, especially in the first few days of menstruation. For it is not only physical change which happens, but a profoundly psychic calling on the soul level to face one’s longings for solitude.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that as my menstruation overlapped with the New Moon, I was much more prone to wanting to withdraw even further into my abode. When bleeding with the Full Moon – the witch cycle – there was more openness to still be interacting with others and stay around the nourishing social realms.

Yes! Certainly! Taking time for yourself is a great endeavour and at times best self-care possible in those deep moments of passing sacred blood.

And also, connecting the subject to Temple spaces and Sacred Sexuality field, I wish to bring here another perspective.

Temple space welcomes bleeding women!

The Sacred Sexuality approach is that of healing the wounds between man and woman by letting each individual explore their inner feminine and masculine aspects. Therefore, there is no separation. The men are welcomed to taste the feminine mysteries as their own feminine calls from within. Reconciliation and healing with the moon blood is also necessary for the male-bodied people.

In a field of deep honouring by men and women alike, a bleeding woman is liberated to feel as sexual, as juicy, as perfectly deep, carrying and sharing her wisdom, as she feels to be authentically herself at that moment.

It’s by no mistake that some (use to) most secret rituals of powerful magic making included mixing of semen and blood. The union of the two symbolizes this reconciliation from which powerful manifestation can happen. The man recognizing feminine mysteries and the woman opening up to all her wisdom channelled in those potent time and sharing it with the man through her body and soul.

Dear bleeding woman, I call you to bring your blood to the alter on the Temple and with it bring the sacred feminine mysteries, which you carry in your heart for the healing of humanity. Your gifts are wanted in this space which honours the sacred, which honours nature, which honours humanity. Enter the magical field bringing your psychic healing and clairvoyant powers to the Temple space. Let the cyclic people experience your blessings unfolding into the field and support us to strengthen our connection to the depths of our soul!

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