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A Polyamorous Letter to My Beloved

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

by Aleksandra, Written in May 2016

Beloved, You have carried many names. At times, you have had a few names at once and you multiplied yourself by the power of my love. I am grateful for you. You have showed up in my life in many forms. Tall and slender, short and bulky, round-bellied, blue ocean eyed, deep dark brown soul mirrors, red headed or black bearded, with a beautiful strong standing lingam, circumcised and uncircumcised. At times you have come as beloved with soft plum breasts and a pink flower between your thighs. Beloved, we have kissed with passion, our lips touching with presence and gratitude for each other. Your skin tanned, your tongue soft on my wet pussy. Exchanging fluids of love. Beloved, you have come in many forms, shapes and colours. Your voices could sing in a choir of love for we have reached a pick of romance together. Tasting you has been like tasting a piece of Universe. I come close with my face and smell you. Through your smell I gain access to the possibility of being you. Through the smell my brain expands beyond what I have known. What a turn on it is to smell your breath, your armpits and your genitalia. Beloved, thank you. I set you free of any expectations and demands. I am sorry for wanting to fix you, it has only been out of my desire to see you grow and to see you with your full power in this world. Beloved, I am sorry for projecting superior powers onto you and shying away from showing myself fully to you with all my insecurities and vulnerability. Beloved, I have news for you, I am married now. I have become to know the most beautiful man that has walked this planet and he has proposed to the most beautiful woman that has danced this wild forest. I am married to that man. I have got to know him only thanks to you my beloved. He had to grow into a man by finding the inspirations and imprints from the many of you my beloveds. Now his is ready to show up. Now, I am married and I can make love to you my beloved without needing anything from you. I am fucking whole so that I can be a whore to existence. I am fucking in love with this beautiful man. This man with many desires and a loving-kindness presence. My beloved, I am grateful to you for letting me taste your penis so that I know its energy by hard. As far as I reach back with my memory, I have had a comprehension of lingam’s energy without knowing what it was. I came to me at times of stillness as a stone-like pleasant heaviness. It is unknown yet so primal, it is foreign yet I remember it. Now, I understand that I am a strong standing lingam, from the soles of my feet to the tip of my head. I am an embodiment of penetration of life with radiant love and at the same time I am a dancing force of joyfulness making colourful rounds around the cock. Beloved, thank you for opening my gates. I am married now so that we can fuck with even more presence. I am in a sacred union for eternity and our meeting is a path of humanity’s liberation. We are a revelation together. Beloved, I want nothing from you any more and yet I want you. I want to suck the essence of your being and lick the deepest places of your soul, so that your wounds heal with magic potions of love and desire. We heal each other, take each other’s hands and march into the unknown. We accelerate the pace of vibrational frequency for the desire of manifesting Heaven on Earth. Beloved, how can I express it more explicitly? Come, come to me in many forms and let’s make love. I see in your eyes the divine lover. I ignite your fires and forgotten life force energy by giving recognition to your Eros. Awaken, awaken and take me with you. Shine the light of your light and let’s hold space for a birth of a society of juicy pelvises.

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