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Hunt Your Shadow //-> 15th February

1-Day Empowerment Workshop

& Temple Night

with sauna & cacao




1-Day Empowerment Workshop with EROS ∞ Medicine

15th February, Berlin, UHU Salon

Deep self-love and self-consciousness work which supports you to be fully in your power and in clarity of choice in the world.

It's Introductory and Intensive at the same time! This event is for beginners

as well as for folks with experience.



If you really want to empower your self!!! This is a real deal!

When looking deep inside we always find that that which stops us in our life is ourselves. We know that along side our strength and supporting believes we also have limiting or “unhealthy” believes.

SHADOW WORK is the path of looking “behind the scenes” and basically finding out and retrieving our POWER. What we call shadow, are aspects of us that we had to hide (normally from our parents in early childhood), these are PARTS OF US - parts of our personalty that were so unwelcome that we needed to hide them and forget about them. When we meet later these aspects in our adult life they usually come as mirrors from people around us.

What then tends to happen is that we REALLY DON’T LIKE WHAT WE SEE!!! The parts that we were hiding so well are coming out as judgements in front of our eyes.

Shadow work is a process to look deep into those pieces which we rejected and to integrate them, to “bring them back home”...

Only then we become more powerful, or actually coming back to the nature of our power, because when the shadows are “controlling” us as we try to “manipulate” our life in order not to meet them eye-to-eye, to by pass them.


OPEN TO ALL levels (beginners and previous experience alike) and to both couples and individuals.



In the evening our journey moves into a ceremonial space of the Temple. Through ritual and connecting exercises held in an atmosphere of permission and sacredness we dive deeper towards our power. Culminating with the open space of possibilities and free flow.

You will have the opportunity to get to know yourself in this potent real-life situation exploring authenticity, intimacy, self-responsibility, desires, nourishment of heart, love free of fear, and Eros in safe community space.

No Nudity and/or sexual interactions are required or expected in any of our spaces, including the Temple night. We support you and the whole community to authenticity, intimacy, pleasure and ecstatic bliss.

The Temple Night is OPEN by invitation only for those who have some experience - we will be joined by more people from the Temple community who are devoted to embodied prayer.

Read more about the Temple Night at



: : power dance meditation - body & voice opening
: : reclaiming power of saying "no" & our boundaries
: : exploring our desires - the "yes" work
: : self-consciousness, authenticity & transparency
: : emotion- and sex- positive space
: : permission to be oneself in the full spectrum
: : healing of intimacy & heart connection
: : pleasure ritual for realisation of personal super-powers
: : community, celebration & being ‘you’
: : open space for embodiment of the day's learning
: : harvest & closing circle
> The space is alcohol, drug and perfume FREEEEEEEE




15th February, SATURDAY:

9:15 - 9:45am arrival & body warm-up (if you are a late sleeper please make sure to arrive latest 9:45am)
10am morning session
~1pm lunch break
~2:30pm afternoon session
5:30pm dinner break
6:30pm Temple Night arrival
7pm Temple Night with cacao, ritual, open space & sauna
~12:30am closing





(includes cacao & sauna)
99€ - ONE person ticket
89€ - TWO or more people ticket (per person)

TEMPLE NIGHT only (6:30pm -1am)
75€ - 45€ - sliding scale - cash on the door
(includes cacao & sauna)
Exclusive to people with previous experience!!! - limited spaces - Registration required via this website, no pre-payment >>>>>>





Registration is made by:
1) Filling up a Registration Form HERE >>>
(if you are joining as a couple please register independently = one person one form)

2) Get your deposit TICKET from Tickettailor HERE >>>
The deposit is non-refundable. Please read full terms and conditions before registering.

All questions to:

A welcome email with all information for the Temple Day will arrive some days before the start date. From (check your spam if you still haven't receive anything 3 days before the event). Read it well.



2X REDUCED SPOTS OF 50€ available for Female embodied beings to SUPPORT & ASSIST the space. Previous experience of our work or very similar work REQUIRED. Connect to find out more.





Please note that this journey is free of any mind-altering substances (hmmm besides cacao) and chemical perfume-free.

Your hot self in a sexy sacred outfit or outrageously colourful fairy costume (truly anything sacred/comfy you feel like). Sauna towel. Sarong (pretty body veil) or towel , notebook, change of cloths, food for lunch and light dinner to share for sure and anything else you like (e.g. massage oil - bring extra towel for that, musical instruments). Fruits or healthy snacks to share for the night.

♡ ♡ ♡



The feedback, which we most often get from our participants, is that we create a safe space. Nudity, touch and se✖ual engagement is optional and always at your own discernment. Being in your truth and owning your accurate needs and desires is encouraged at all times. Needs for relaxation, self-centeredness and emotional ease are addressed first before going into intimate contact with others.

The container we create encourages total self-responsibility for your emotions, and non-reactional supportive space-holding from the entire group. It is a space where people can dive into their process and also to transcend wounding and go into blissful collective realities where we get to experience new ways of being and relating. Healing of our broken selves might take forever and we take a loving-presence approach towards that. At the same time, there is a frequency known to all of us in our cellular memory of healed and wholesome life where each movement is coming from mystery and is offered as a prayer. We would like to invite you to this space where we tap into sacredness of human existence.



Power - it can sometimes be overwhelming! To the extent that we don't always allow ourselves to fully feel it. Instead, we may sometimes shut down or restrain some aspects which affect our personal power flow in life. Many of us do it unconsciously, not even knowing what it means to feel our power. We are often not aware that we hold back our own life force energy!


> What is personal power?

> How does it feel to be empowered?

> How does it land in my body?

> Is it possible that some sensations which I judge as unpleasant or uncomfortable hold the keys to access my power?

> How do I relate to safety differently when in my power?

> How does it effect my connection to other people and my ability to show up in intimate situations?

> What can I give from myself to the world when I'm in my power?

> How to use Eros to cultivate personal power in life?




We loose a lot of life force energy fighting with ourselves by hiding what we truly want and at the same time feeling not comfortable to say ‘no’ out of fear of hurting others or fear of rejection. We work with polarities of boundaries and desires, that is, the ability to state our ‘no’ and ability to go for what we want (ability to say a full ‘yes’), in order to find balance and integrity.



"I'm vibrating, highest, purest energy. I will use this condition to let go of old patterns. I met a few ugly shadow faces thank you!!! The whole event was so wisely and beautifully arranged, I'm grateful."


"The temple nights were such a source of power and love. Aleksandra and Ananda providing a safe space for everybody. Everything is allowed, nothing has to be. A great combination of meditation, dance, sensuality and connecting with people on so many levels."
~ Sonja

"You were offering the invitation to come into deeper states of authenticity within our own spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. This space was created with an invitation for everybody to raise their frequency, raise up their energy and become more into connection to divinity. The purity of that intention was carried through immensely into my body, into my heart and into my life".
~ Freya

"I’m deeply touched by the created energy of all the temple sisters and brothers. There have been so many authentic moments of understanding, trusting, being held…. Thanks so much."


“I feel very much transformed and attribute most of this to my change of behaviour due to your Temples. You guys are awesome! I feel very close and very connected to so many women right now. I can barely express how I feel right now. Purr purr!”
~ Jens

"I’ve made my first beautiful experience with free love and open relationships. It was with great feeling of thankfulness, joy, pleasure, peace and I felt myself so beautiful and connected to human beings. ..."
~ Caroline


"Vast space. Someone playing the guitar and singing, two people kissing soft and gentle. A group of three or five or humans cuddling and enjoying each other. Emotional release, lots of shaking. Someone dancing the dance of life itself. Sharing visions and prayers. The taste of Cacao on the tongue, feeling its fire running through the body. Everything is welcomed, all is perfect, nothing has to happen. The space wonderful Aleksandra and Ananda are holding is very special in its sweetness, playfulness and innocent wildness. They create a safe container for the medicine and the mystery to unfold. Experiencing more and more love and EROS to live a new culture into its existence. Thank you for all the bliss and growth and celebration!"

~ Joshua



A wild creative exploreress who prays in dance and love-making, visionary, polyamory activist, event-producer, ISTA graduate and organiser, ex-space-holder at Valle de Sensaciones Eros Lab and Summer of Eros, and co-founder of EROS Medicine. After more than a decade of self-discovery and many adventures re-imagining herself and finding community, freedom, love and empowerment she now crafts herself as an ecstatic facilitator. With MSc in Social & Cultural Psychology and background in conflict mediation, she is passionate about creating new social realities which permit humans to express the whole spectrum of their beings and tap to their highest potential, and shadow alike. Dedicating her life to healing and transitioning towards the Next Culture and heavenly existence on Earth.



Is a spiritual teacher, sex shaman, leader, coach and a father of three. In his work he supports people to empowerment, pleasure and ecstatic current by letting go of guilt and shame around sexuality. His journey began as a dancer at the “Bat-Sheva” dance company exploring the GAGA movement, parallel to working as a professional guitarist. Later, leading his own dance company and choreographing with his partner for 12 years. He was the founder and leader for 7 years of the Israeli dancer’s union, and took part in founding the Israeli choreographer’s association and the first Tel-Aviv Waldorf school “Bait Chinuch Aviv”. He is currently holding Temples, retreats and workshops of sacred sexuality in Europe. Coaching, giving body sessions, and an apprentice Facilitator at ISTA (The International School of Temple Arts).

“My research in dance was mostly focused on body awareness, somatic and the present moment. The journey led me into deep practices of spirituality and consciousness. Realising that any moment in the dance of life is a sacred expression, the unique gift of our life force, led me to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. I am inviting my brothers and sisters to play freely and walk this earth shining their pleasure and light.

I am here to support let go of guilt and shame, and to create with you a new culture of relating in the religion of love ♥”

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