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Welcome to our new evening

monthly event in 2019!

Next dates coming soon...

@ Neuraum, Berlin


Open to all.

👳🏾‍♀️ GURUdance 💞

DANCE – meditate yourself in FREE expression

CONNECT - to others in authentic HEART space

TALK SACRED SEX - ask from your vulnerable BEAUTY 


The evening combines of a guided free dance journey, tantric connecting meditation and Satsang (Q&A) – inviting you to share your authentic questions and themes about intimacy and sexuality.


This is a unique experience by EROS ∞ Medicine where the life-force energy is invited to play between people in an innocent flowing connection web of dance and togetherness.


💞 Who is the GURU?

  • GURU is your inner wisdom, the ultimate master living within.

  • GURU is a NEW culture community where shared energy field becomes the teacher of love.

  • GURU is a guide who supports you to grow and expand your perspective on life.


💞 What happens at GURUdance?

7:30pm – arrive

8pm – guided dance journey

9:20pm – tantric connection meditation

10pm – Satsang

11pm - cuddle and snuggle

11:30pm - finish


>>> Guided DANCE Journey <<< – diving into your personal GURU space through conscious movement, embodied presence and expression of your soul on the dance floor. Then be guided to connect in motion and stillness with others in authentic, playful and relaxed dancing constellations.


>>> Tantric CONNECTion Meditation <<< – diving deeper into the collective GURU - field of love and authentic relating. A powerful meditation to connect soul-to-soul with the other while honouring the body. Inviting energy connection and deep intimacy.


>>> TALK SACRED SEX // Satsang <<< – ask questions that are alive in you about relationships, intimacy, sacred sexuality, soul-sex, EROS energy and healing through EROS. Ananda will be answering your questions from his heart, guts, genitals and some years of experience.

You are the GURU!
DIVE into the unknown and DANCE your way through life!

💞 HOW?

Barefeet, loose comfy clothing.

Space free of mind-altering substances (alcohol, drugs etc) and free of perfume.

Open to ALL.

💞 WHERE? 👳🏾‍

Neuraum Berlin

Kolonnenstr. 3 / Ecke Herbertstr.

10827, Berlin-Schöneberg


€15 - Pay on the door


Register HERE >>>

(please specify that you're registering for GURUdance)

All questions to

See you in bliss embodied,

Read about Ananda here...


Testimonials from other events by EROS ∞ Medicine

"The temple nights were such a source of power and love. Aleksandra and Ananda providing a safe space for everybody. Everything is allowed, nothing has to be. "
~ Sonja

"You were offering the invitation to come into deeper states of authenticity within our own spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. This space was created with an invitation for everybody to raise their frequency, raise up their energy and become more into connection to divinity. The purity of that intention was carried through immensely into my body, into my heart and into my life".
~ Freya

"I’ve made my first beautiful experience with free love and open relationships. It was with great feeling of thankfulness, joy, pleasure, peace and I felt myself so beautiful and connected to human beings. ..."
~ C.

"The space makes it very easy to engage and to disengage and I feel welcome and safe to ask for touch or being touched. And even if my request is rejected, I don't feel rejected as a person nor do I feel like I crossed a border by verbalising the request. Through this talking and sharing I realise where my mind is playing tricks on me and is drawing assumptions and conclusions that do actually not reflect what the other person is feeling or wanting.
I feel free to be 100% me at those events and that's really the best about it!"
~ Jens
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