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First Steps - Evening Intro's

Upcoming dates:

Sensual Sisterhood Evening

30th Oct, 7pm-10:30pm, Berlin

These events are for total beginners as well as with people with some experience wishing to go back to basics.


🌺 Sensual Sisterhood Evening 💦

30th Oct, 7-10:30pm, Berlin, Wedding

My dear sister, I have been waiting for you...
for us to open to each other in this sacred field,
to connect our sensual bodies,
to weave our energies
and to inspire one another with expansion and bliss.

We are here to awaken ourselves sensually, to support, to caress, to hold each other’s wombs, share dearly from the heart, to listen, listen deeply to our wombs speak and then to relax onto each other. To massage our backs and to ride the waves of our moon body, our sensuality together.

My dear sister, goddess, this is an invitation for you to join me in a Temple space designated just for women. Our safe womb space for giving birth to our sensual selves and for responding to our curiosity about other women.

Too often we take it for granted to get all our sensual and sexual needs met by our partner or lovers. Imagine if we had an alternative! A nourishing space full of goddess energy to fill our sensual cups. Woman's touch has such different qualities and sometimes it is exactly what our bodies and souls are secretly yearning for.

This space of Sensual Sisterhood is designed for nourishing bodies and souls. Each going at her own pace. Letting hearts speak our truth and letting us drop deeper into sensuality than we thought possible.

∞ : : WHO IS THIS FOR? : : ∞

:∞ female-bodied creatures, yoni-holders identifying as women.
:∞ women curious to explore other female bodies for the first time !
:∞ women defining predominantly as heterosexual yet wanting to be free in touch and sensuality with other women.
:∞ women yearning for relaxing into the feminine field.
:∞ women with previous sensual or sexual experiences with other women who wish to drink more of this divine nectar.

∞ : : WHAT ARE WE IN FOR? : : ∞

6:45pm arrive
7:15pm sharing circle on the theme
… touch ritual & magic unfolding all at its own pace
10:30pm closing together

∞ : : WHERE? : : ∞

private location given upon registration
Wedding, Berlin


The feedback, which we most often get from our participants, is that we create a safe space for them. Nudity, touch and sexual engagement is optional and always at your own discernment. Being in your truth and owning your accurate needs and desires is encouraged at all times in the space. Needs for relaxation, self-centeredness and emotional ease are addressed first before going into intimate contact with others.


This event happens for the first time in Berlin.
It's DONATION-based.
(suggested €10 - €15)

∞ : : REGISTRATION : : ∞

Registration is made by:
Filling up a registration form at:

~ spaces limited to 15 women ~

All questions to
or tel. / WhastApp: +48508106834 - Aleksandra



∞ : : WHAT TO BRING? : : ∞

Your sensual self in a comfy outfit.
Sarong or body shawl.
Healthy snacks to share.

See you in bliss embodied sister,
Aleksandra (space holder) & Caroline (venue holder & support)

~ ~ ~


Past Events...

How to give & receive fulfilling touch?

We are inviting people for whom it is their first experience or who would like to take the first 'baby' steps into the world of tantra, conscious relating and sensuality. This EVENING offers very basic and yet deep exercises with cloths-on and no genital contact for those who want to explore but might be intimidated by the world of tantra.

Focusing particularly on giving and receiving of touch and the basic energetic and intentional principles behind. Find out that you can receive truly what you want by asking for exactly what you want. Feel empowerment which comes through claiming your desires and pleasure. This applies in intimacy as well as stretches to all areas of life.

∞ : : ABOUT ∞ : : E R O S ∞ Medicine

Play and pray with us in exploration of bliss embodied.
We offer a devotional approach to pleasure, sensuality and sexuality. A space where sacred and profane meet in acceptance, permission and self-love. A place of healing through togetherness and nourishing of bodies and souls.

∞ : : Energy exchange : :∞

11-33 EUR sliding scale
pay in cash upon arrival

Register by filling in the REGISTRATION FORM here...

or whatsapp 0048508106834
Pay on the door

∞ When?

7:30pm- 11pm - please arrive 10 minutes before we start


∞ Where?



∞ What?

... dance, voice and movement warm-up
... circle of intentions and sharing
... talk on conscious touch and empowerment
... safe and guided practice of giving and receiving touch for empowerment

All practices are cloths-on and there is no genital touch involved.

In love and deep devotion to bliss embodied,
Aleksandra & Ananda

Read More About Us Here...

♡ ♡ ♡

∞ Testimonials ~ little love letters from participants

"The temple nights were such a source of power and love. Aleksandra and Ananda providing a safe space for everybody. Everything is allowed, nothing has to be. "
~ Sonja

"You were offering the invitation to come into deeper states of authenticity within our own spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. This space was created with an invitation for everybody to raise their frequency, raise up their energy and become more into connection to divinity. The purity of that intention was carried through immensely into my body, into my heart and into my life".
~ Freya

"I’ve made my first beautiful experience with free love and open relationships. It was with great feeling of thankfulness, joy, pleasure, peace and I felt myself so beautiful and connected to human beings. ..."
~ C.

"The space makes it very easy to engage and to disengage and I feel welcome and safe to ask for touch or being touched. And even if my request is rejected, I don't feel rejected as a person nor do I feel like I crossed a border by verbalising the request. Through this talking and sharing I realise where my mind is playing tricks on me and is drawing assumptions and conclusions that do actually not reflect what the other person is feeling or wanting.
I feel free to be 100% me at those events and that's really the best about it!"
~ Jens

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