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10-Day Holiday Retreat

that will change your life!


Jura is an experienced transformational workshop leader. She specialises in Radical Honesty, Conscious Sensuality and Tantra Yoga. She is a founder of a visionary organization TransformWork which focus is on creating safe spaces for people to explore and discover new and forgotten ways of being with each other. She supports people in transitioning in life. Her work is radical, sharp in precision and when approached with an open mind is extremely effective. After working with Jura, people report radical changes in their lives and unusual level of happiness and content. They report feeling more free, honest and courageous in asking for what they want, starting new relationship and job. Their relationships got simpler and

✨✨🐰  Deep Intimacy Retreat // Crete  🐰 ✨✨

13th - 23rd April 2019
By EROS ∞ Medicine & TransformWork

6-Day Intensive (13th-19th April)

4-Day Sacred Temple Celebration (19th-23rd April)

@ Levinthos Retreat Center, Crete, Greece

Register until 1st Dec to save €400!


~ Do you crave for true connection, deep intimacy and freedom to be who you are and do what you love in an honest community?
~ Are you new to finding your empowered sexual being?
~ Do you wish to express your needs, desires and boundaries in a heartfelt way without
guilt and shame?




This Holiday Retreat in Crete will change your life! The unique 10-day journey includes a programme of 6-day Intensive Introduction to Deep Intimacy Retreat followed by a 4-day Sacred Temple Celebration. Each Retreat can be attended separately!



…for singles, couples and people in other partnership forms
…for beginners in sacred sexuality and Temple-goers alike
…for those who like sensual play and feeling connected in community
...for those how want to heal their wounds in sexuality and emotional body
…for those who wish to learn new sacred and revolutionary life and relationship skills
…for those who wish to unshame and liberate their sexuality and claim their pleasure
…for spiritual seekers who wish to make love with creation
… for touch and cuddle lovers

6-day Intensive Introduction to Deep Intimacy Retreat is designed to accommodate you at the beginning of your exploration in realms of honest relating, conscious sensuality and sacred sexuality. As well as, if you already have understanding and experience and would like to deepen your practice in a resonant like-minded group of conscious explorers. This retreat will build up to the following Sacred Temple Celebration weekend.

4-day Sacred Temple Celebration is designed for experienced in consent, spirituality, conscious sensuality and sacred sexuality. You can simply follow from the 6-day Intensive or join for the weekend only. Please enquire if you are not sure.


: : New revolutionary tools for communication and relating
: : True Authentic & Empowered Self
: : New Understanding & Experience of Intimacy
: : Connection to your Sacred Sexuality
: : Fun & Play of Temple Arts
: : Heartfelt Opening to Life & New Possibilities
: : New rituals for Powerful Love-making!
: : Your Sensing, Vibrant and Whole-Hearted Self!
: : Experience of Deep Love & Freedom
: : Healing in Community -- be held in Presence, Compassion & Solidarity.

In 10 days you get the best fusion of radical honesty, conscious sensuality, embodied intimacy and sacred sexual healing brought to you by 3 powerful facilitators, catalysts of transformation and healers: Jura Glo, founder of TransformWork, and Aleksandra & Ananda, founders of Eros Medicine.

The fact that you are still reading this, already shows that you have started your journey of healing and transformation. It is an exciting journey to your true and authentic self. . .

We all have once read an invitation to our first life-changing retreat. And we know how scary it might be sometimes. . .
We feel you. If there is any way we could accompany you in decision making, know that we are here for you.

or tel. / WhatsApp: +48508106834 - Aleksandra



We use new cutting-edge teachings, rituals, meditations, and practices with playfulness to provide you with the essence of conscious touch, consent, sacred love-making, honest being and relating, Tantra Yoga and Temple Arts.

We hold a space for self-love and empowerment where you are invited to take full responsibility for the creation of your reality. We bring awareness to the aspects of your experience that you are not willing to look at on your own, which might hold you back from living your full potential. We support you in the transformational process of integrating your whole being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Together we go beyond shame, guilt and fear. We create an emotionally safe space and loving community support network allowing you to be the whole spectrum of yourself.

Within this sex-positive and transparent environment of trust, truth and connection we let the magic unfold!



Tantra Yoga & OSHO active Meditations
Energy Sublimation Techniques
Conscious Sensuality Practice
Body Honesty Experience
Sexual Healing Rituals
Radical Self-Love Rituals
Orgasmic Speaking
Raw Honesty & Gestalt Hot-Seat Work
Healing Through Love & Pleasure
Open Space for Exploration
Deep Connection
Sacred Space

You will leave this retreat with impeccable skills of communication, honesty, body awareness, sensuality, your boundaries & desires, conscious touch, sacred approach to life and connection to the self and others.



Special 10-day offer : : Deep Intimacy Retreat : : 13th-23rd April

SUPER EARLY BIRD (deposit by 1st December) - €1240

Early Bird (deposit by 11th January)  - €1440

Regular Price - €1640


6-day Intensive Introduction Retreat: 13th - 19th April

SUPER EARLY BIRD (deposit by 1st December) - €960

Early Bird (deposit by 11th January)  - €1160

Regular Price - €1360


Easter Weekend (4 days) : : Sacred Temple Celebration : : 19th - 23rd April

SUPER EARLY BIRD (deposit by 1st December) - €440

Early Bird (deposit by 11th January)  - €540

Regular Price - €640


Accommodation is in beautiful twin or triple rooms with a sea-view. If you would like a private room you can upgrade your accommodation for €20-30 / night extra depending on your choice. Please enquire.



Registration is made by:

1) Filling up a registration form at:


2) Forwarding €650 deposit for the 10-day offer; €450 deposit for 6-days offer or €300 deposit for 4-days offer either via bank transfer:


IBAN: PL36249000050000460060113491


or you can purchase your ticket through Eventbrite here.


The deposit is non-refundable (transferable to other workshops or other person in some cases). Please read full terms and conditions before registering:


After you complete these steps you will receive a confirmation email from us. The information email for the Retreat will arrive closer to the start date of the retreat.


All questions to or tel. / WA: 0048508106834 - Aleksandra




6-day Intensive Introduction Retreat - 13th-19th April

Early mornings start with yoga or active meditation. After amazing Mediterranean breakfast, dance activation and sharing, in the morning block, we learn how to tell the truth and create deep connection with full hearted expression. The afternoons are dedicated to learn and practice conscious touch, levels of intimacy, autogenic relaxation, sensuality, trust, consent and other group and paired exercises for deepening embodied intimacy. In the evenings, we dive into the experience of sacred sexuality and Temple Arts – powerful rituals for boosting confidence, exploring Eros, softening the heart and celebrating togetherness in embodied bliss.


4-day Sacred Temple Celebration - 19th - 23rd April

Morning starts with active meditation or yoga. After delicious breakfast we meet for a conscious dance, honest sharing circle and integration process that prepares us for the theme of the day. Every day has a different theme that will support us to explore different aspects of ourselves and prepare for each Temple Celebration Night. During the day expect a loose curriculum, resting, relaxing, hiking, exploring Crete, walking meditation, making out on the beach, enjoying the sun, private sessions and personal healing space from the facilitators. In the evening, we meet to harvest the day’s discoveries and take an active meditation. After dinner, we open Sacred Temple Night with rituals, connecting games, cacao ceremony and open space for exploration, celebration and learning.


Levinthos Retreat Center is located close to Lentas coastal village, 75 km south of Heraklion, on the south coast of Crete island. It is a beautiful picturesque site where you can retreat in silence and enjoy relaxation. Overlooking the Libyan sea, the venue has its private beach accessible by the walking distance and ensures the comfort and privacy of the guests.


3 daily healthy and delicious meals are prepared with the finest ingredients provided by the Cretan soil - vegetables from the local garden and family made olive oil.


Read more at:



The feedback, which we most often get from our participants, is that we create a safe space for them. Nudity, touch and sexual engagement is optional and always at your own discernment. Being in your truth and owning your accurate needs and desires is encouraged at all times in the space. Needs for relaxation, self-centeredness and emotional ease are addressed first before going into intimate contact with others.



"The temple nights were such a source of power and love. Aleksandra and Ananda providing a safe space for everybody. Everything is allowed, nothing has to be. A great combination of meditation, dance, sensuality and connecting with people on so many levels."

~ Sonja


"You were offering the invitation to come into deeper states of authenticity within our own spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. This space was created with an invitation for everybody to raise their frequency, raise up their energy and come into connection to divinity. The purity of that intention was carried through immensely into my body, into my heart and into my life".

~ Freya


“I feel very much transformed and attribute most of this to my change of behaviour due to your Temples. You guys are awesome! I feel very close and very connected to so many women right now. I can barely express how I feel right now. Purr purr!”

~ Jens


"I’ve made my first beautiful experience with free love and open relationships. It was with great feeling of thankfulness, joy, pleasure, peace and I felt myself so beautiful and connected to human beings. ..."

~ Caroline


"Jura, I never felt so much joy and lightness. I never experienced myself so free in my expressions and interactions with other people. I so appreciate you for hosting this workshop. I appreciate you for your guidance for the exercises for the people you gathered and how you showed up. The agreements we made, made a profound difference to me.  The 100% responsibility, the fuck the rules you want, the do whatever you like, I noticed a new sense of empowerment I have never experienced in a workshop setting or in general being around people. So much gratitude for yesterday, so much appreciation for you. Jura, "

~ Christian


“ You created this safe space for us where we could expand in our freedom to choose, find clarity and were invited to allow everything happening in us. I surrendered in the place of love which you hold so gently and enjoyed myself being brave and, connected with my core. I feel empowered experiencing myself in this depth.”

~ Sandra


“Jura Glo creates empowerment.

Be aware: attending her events might awaken your strength that you were afraid to recognise before. Your creativity and ability to feel and express yourself in the space she creates might blow your mind. Your belly might ache from laughing. You might release tears which were stuck in your chest for a very long, long time.”

~ Sandra


"Today I felt like a really big brick fell out of what was once a solid wall in and around my heart."


"I loved to be in your space. So much love, such a great energy, exercises that engaged and activated. And had a feeling that everyone was in love in the end..."


“Jura‘s work is simply great. I did a tantra workshop and radical honesty workshop with her and the way she combines the two makes a lot of sense to me. Being honest with myself and others, expressing desires and letting things flow, I could feel myself getting softer. It‘s a journey. Jura is super generous in providing the frame for these transformations to happen and her straight-forwardness is heartwarming. Her intuition and clear vision is astonishing, she has this ability to show me the mirror. In her workshops, she creates a space of trust within the group in which I can open myself up to express my feelings, sensations and thoughts freely, whether they are comfortable and soothing, dark, scary, arousing or whatever. It feels relieving to me that friction is possible as well as harmony.”

~ Vera


“I realized how paradoxically, a lack of boundaries can be keeping one from experiencing authentic bonds; how beautifully frames can be set in order to surrender in a fulfilling expanded juicy sensation of unity. Freedom and openness took another perspective.


“I feel how the workshop brought me a step towards self-love, a step to ground sacredness into connections.”

~ Diana






Jura Glo (Lithuania)

acquired more depth and fulfilment. They changed their attitude to life and work and developed new habits that serve their sensing well being. Jura serves change that is positive, complete and revolutionary.

“I'm here to live the life of quality and integrity and serve my surroundings as I go.

I'm here to live from the inside out, to receive and to give, to take care of myself and care for others. I'm a walking breathing revolution in action and I'm here to support you in your transformational experience. I bring out change in others with my presence and actions. I'm a surgeon with the gift of a sharp perceptive mind, I'm a mother with my loving and caring nature, I'm a wounded warrior with a great sense of injustice, I'm a lover and creator of the new paradigm, designer of my World, and you are welcome to join. Openness is the key!”

Want to know more about Jura? Find her work here:

Aleksandra & Ananda of EROS ∞ Medicine > Read here

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